Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)

1. Manage Your CleanMyMac X Subscription - MacPaw

  • 27 mrt 2023 · The most recent CleanMyMac customers who activate the app with login and password have all they need in MacPaw Account. Go on reading this ...

  • (Updated: March 27, 2023)

2. CleanMyMac X: Make Your Mac As Good As New

  • CleanMyMac blog · Refund Policy · How to uninstall CleanMyMac... · Privacy

  • Here’s the only legit tool for a health check, Mac speed up and protection. Get a smoothly-running system in no time — CleanMyMac X is incredibly easy to use. Get started for free.

CleanMyMac X: Make Your Mac As Good As New

3. How to manage and cancel your Apple subscriptions - CleanMyMac X

  • 4 aug 2021 · Open the App Store on your Mac. · Bottom left, click your name, or sign in if you haven't already. · Select View Information, top right, and sign ...

  • Managing your App Store subscriptions isn't difficult when you've got the know-how. So let's get started with all the tips you need.

How to manage and cancel your Apple subscriptions - CleanMyMac X

4. A quick way to disable automatic login on Mac - CleanMyMac X

  • Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy. From the General tab, you can select Disable Automatic Login. That's it!

  • Automatic login may be a convenient feature, but it’s also a vulnerability. Here’s how to disable automatic login on your Mac.

A quick way to disable automatic login on Mac - CleanMyMac X

5. Can't login my laptop account - Apple Support Community

6. Clean My Mac update caused TOTAL FILE RESYNC

  • 7 mrt 2017 · Solved: I just updated clean my mac ran it and now my Dropbox is resyncing ALL THE FILES ... Sign In · Register; ·; Sign In; ·; Help. Open / close ...

  • I just updated clean my mac ran it and now my Dropbox is resyncing ALL THE FILES.  What went wrong?  I don't want this to happen again.   Thank you. 

Clean My Mac update caused TOTAL FILE RESYNC

7. Is Clean My Mac a Virus? - Malwarebytes Forums

  • 27 sep 2023 · Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Register a new account. Sign in. Already have an account? Sign in here. Sign In Now.

  • Someone told me that the Clean My Mac app is a virus. I like how it gets rid of unnecessary files. Is there any reason I should not use Clean My Mac?

Is Clean My Mac a Virus? - Malwarebytes Forums

8. CleanMyMac X on Setapp | Free up space, protect, and speed up Mac

  • Sign In. Download Setapp. CleanMyMac X. Positive reviews percentage. 98%. 11778 ratings. CleanMyMac X. via Setapp. Speed up and declutter Mac. Download Setapp.

  • Clean up and optimize your Mac with a touch of a button. Or manually use a variety of built-in tools to speed up macOS and keep it in top shape.

CleanMyMac X on Setapp | Free up space, protect, and speed up Mac

9. Sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac - Microsoft Support

  • In the lower left of the Accounts dialog box, click the minus (-) button. Delete a mail account. Select Sign out. Select Sign Out to remove the account from ...

  • Learn how to sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac

10. How to suscribe your Cleanmymac ? | Spliiit

  • Go to macpaw, search for CleanmyMac and click on download. How to share my Clean my mac subscription ? Once downloaded, there will be a yellow box at the bottom ...

  • Shared subscription keeps your wallet happy !

How to suscribe your Cleanmymac ? | Spliiit

11. After using Clean My Mac, my 1 Password keeps giving me an error ...

  • 3 feb 2020 · Referrer: forum-search:can't back up after clean my mac. 0. Welcome! It looks like you're new here. Sign in or register to get started. Sign In.

  • I have El Capitan 10.11.6 and use 1 Password 6.8.8 . I can not back up after using Clean my mac version X (that I just upgraded to last night).

After using Clean My Mac, my 1 Password keeps giving me an error ...

12. Can't Disable Find My Mac? Here Are Solutions! - iBoysoft Data Recovery

  • Remove from your account · Open on your browser. · Sign in with your Apple ID and password. · Click All Devices on the top. · Select the device ...

  • If you can't disable Find My Mac on an used Mac or on your own Mac, you can read this post to get some proven solutions to turn off Find My Mac on your device.

Can't Disable Find My Mac? Here Are Solutions! - iBoysoft Data Recovery

13. I need to remove someone's gmail account from my mac. - Google Help

  • 19 mrt 2023 · ... Mac, the other account might not appear in that setting at all. To remove unwanted accounts from the sign in list in Safari: Click on your ...

  • Gmail Help

14. How to get rid of pop up ads on Mac | Trend Micro Help Center

  • 28 jun 2022 · Unwanted extensions in your Internet browsers often causes the emergence of adware on your Mac. 1. Remove suspicious Login Items. Most adware ...

  • Learn how to remove annoying pop up advertisem*nts on Mac that may affect system performance and slow network speed with Trend Micro Antivirus One.

15. Sign out or remove an account from Microsoft Teams

  • In Windows, macOS, or a web browser instance of Teams, select your profile picture at the top of the app and then select Sign out. You can sign in again ...

  • To sign out or log out of Microsoft Teams, go to the profile picture menu.

16. How to clean up and optimize your Mac: My go-to methods - Setapp

  • 22 apr 2024 · Cleaning up your Mac desktop means deleting unnecessary files and sorting the ones you need into the appropriate folders. Deleting files is best ...

  • We've prepared the best Mac cleanup tips for you - just follow these steps to clean up and optimize your Mac, making it faster and more responsive.

How to clean up and optimize your Mac: My go-to methods - Setapp
Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)


How do I log in to MacPaw? ›

Sign in to with the email you used to purchase CleanMyMac X.

How do I stop my CleanMyMac subscription? ›

Cancel a CleanMyMac X subscription using your email (MacPaw Account)
  1. Sign in to your MacPaw Account at ...
  2. Choose CleanMyMac X.
  3. Click the arrow below the CleanMyMac X logo and choose Cancel Subscription.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.
Aug 14, 2023

Is CleanMyMac approved by Apple? ›

CleanMyMac X is legitimate software that is safe to download, but you should only get it from the official website or the App Store. An app has undergone a thorough testing and verification process to get a seal of approval from Apple and be present on the App Store.

How to activate CleanMyMac subscription? ›

Activate or purchase
  1. Open CleanMyMac X.
  2. Click the Unlock Full Version button in the sidebar on the left, then click Activate Now. To purchase CleanMyMac X on the MacPaw Store, click Buy Plan. ...
  3. Sign in with your MacPaw Account credentials (email and password) or enter your activation number.
May 2, 2024

How do I log into my Mac user account? ›

On your Mac, click the button to sign in or continue with Apple. Enter your login password on your Mac (you may need to enter your Apple ID password instead) or, if your Mac or Magic Keyboard has Touch ID, use Touch ID.

Is CleanMyMac a monthly subscription? ›

On the MacPaw Store and the App Store, you can sign up for a yearly CleanMyMac X subscription or purchase a one-time plan. To learn more about CleanMyMac X purchase options, see Choose your marketplace.

Is MacPaw CleanMyMac legit? ›

Is CleanMyMac X safe to use? Yes, CleanMyMac is safe to use. MacPaw is a trusted software company that many macOS users rely on.

Is there an alternative to CleanMyMac? ›

The best overall CleanMyMac X alternative is CCleaner. Other similar apps like CleanMyMac X are Cleaner One Pro, cleanmasterofficial, Treesize, and CleanMyPC. CleanMyMac X alternatives can be found in Disk Cleanup Software but may also be in Other Development Software. Have you used CleanMyMac X before?

Is CleanMyMac really free? ›

CleanMyMac X offers a yearly subscription plan and a one-time purchase. You may also sign up for a free trial to test the functionality of the app.

How do I find my CleanMyMac license? ›

Get license subscription number

If you want to activate CleanMyMac X but lost your license number, use the Subscription Manager. Click Copy License Key in the License Details block and paste into CleanMyMac's License Activation dialog. Note: Make sure you have free activations in the Device Management block.

Should I grant full access to CleanMyMac? ›

Full Disk Access is a security permission that allows the apps you install on your Mac (like CleanMyMac X) to access files, macOS settings, and other apps on your computer. Giving Full Disk Access to CleanMyMac X is easy and absolutely safe.

How many Macs can I use CleanMyMac on? ›

CleanMyMac X cost

With CleanMyMac X, you can cover multiple devices with annual subscriptions that cover two or five Macs. MacPaw also offers one-time purchase plans so you can purchase the antivirus once and use it forever. However, you'll have to pay for any major upgrades.

How do I find my CleanMyMac activation code? ›

If you lost an activation number and cannot find it in the email inbox, you can take advantage of our License Retrieval feature:
  1. Click on this link to open CleanMyMac's License Retrieval form.
  2. Enter your email address, name, or reference number into the corresponding field.
  3. Click Retrieve.
Aug 11, 2023

How do I reset my MacPaw activation? ›

Use the License Management system
  1. Open CleanMyMac's License Management.
  2. Enter an email that you used to purchase the license and click Search.
  3. If the email address is found, click Send Link.
  4. Now check your inbox for an email from ...
  5. Find the appropriate license and click Reset next to it.
Mar 19, 2021

Can I use CleanMyMac on another computer? ›

Select the plan type you would like to use – a one-year or one-time plan – and how many computers you would like to use it for – one Mac, two Macs, or Three Macs.

Is CleanMyMac a free app? ›

CleanMyMac X offers a free and paid version of its antivirus. Like most software, there are limitations to the features you'll get without a paid plan. The paid plan costs $34.95/yr and covers one Mac, which is cheap compared to MacKeeper, another Mac-specific antivirus.


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