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Updated: 9/28/2023 | Farm Rio Review

About Farm Rio

Farm Rio is a Brazilian apparel company that focuses on fun and bright fashion while being mindful of the environment. They make colorful apparel for men and women.

Their aesthetic is about bringing joy and life to all the things you approach in life.

Farm Rio Review

I stumbled upon Farm Rio while I was shopping at Anthropologie. I bought their Madrid maxi wrap dress and was hooked! It was super flowy, comfortable, and always made an impression.

I have since then tried the following items in Farm Rio:

  • Fresh Lemons Midi Dress with Ruffles ($240) – This dress ran super small! I would say that the size small would fit a women’s size 4 but definitely no bigger than that.
  • Cocoa Forest Utilitary Mini Dress ($220) – I purchased this from Saks Fifth Avenue for only $40 with my American Express Platinum benefit! I got a medium and it fit perfectly! I can also wear it without the belt and leave it open at the front like a kimono or swimsuit cover-up. This is probably my most versatile purchase from Farm Rio yet!
  • Ripe Bananas Paperbag Midi Skirt ($185) – I LOVE this skirt! The banana print is super cute and it comes with pockets. The material is a little heavy, but it’s an eye-catching skirt that pairs great with a crop top. I purchased a medium but could have totally gone with a size small because of the adjustable paper bag waist design.
  • Toucan’s Mini Skirt ($100)- This cute toucan skirt with tropical green leaves is a must in any closet. It goes with so many of my tops. I wear shorts underneath because it can appear really short with heels or wedges.
  • Mix Unisex Blouse ($100)– This is a unisex top and it ran large. I went with a size small which is equivalent to a small in men’s sizing.
  • Orange Gingham Tie Front Blouse ($100) – I thrifted this top and it fits true to size. It’s super cute for summer too!

Farm Rio also has done fun collaborations with Adidas, Sézane, and even Starbucks!

Farm Rio Review + Sizing Guide | Fun and Bright Clothing - Schimiggy (3)

Farm Rio Toucan Mini Skirt

What I’m Wearing: Farm Rio Toucan Mini Skirt | VICI Collection Top | Olive and Pique Seagrass Hat | Bzees Wedges | YSL Loulou Heart Sunglasses

Farm Rio Ripe Banana Midi Skirt

What I’m Wearing: Farm Rio Ripe Banana Midi Skirt | Kitty Gains Riley Crop Top ($30) | Oka-B Chance Sandles | Lack of Color Palma Western Hat ($100)

Farm Rio Review + Sizing Guide | Fun and Bright Clothing - Schimiggy (5)

Farm Rio Fresh Lemons Ruffled Midi Dress

Farm Rio Pros

  • Truly Sustainable – Farm Rio is a 100% carbon-neutral company with operations in Brazil. All their materials are sustainably procured and manufactured. And for every item sold, Farm Rio plants a tree. To date, they have planted over 500,000 trees in their reforestation efforts. Read more about their sustainability efforts here.
  • Fun and unique prints and patterns. Their patterns are so much fun! Each one is unique and brightly colored for any destination you decide to wear them to.

Farm Rio Cons

  • Runs small. We recommend sizing up one or even two sizes in Farm Rio apparel. I tried a size small dress and it fit more like a size 4. I am size 6-8 and wear a size medium in Farm Rio.
  • Their fabric does not stretch. Farm Rio’s material has very little to no stretch. You will definitely want to size up when shopping with them. Their sizing is very similar to Sézane.
  • Expensive – Farm Rio is not the most affordable brand by any means. They do have good resell values if you decide to sell your used Farm Rio on the secondary marketplace such as Poshmark or Mercari.
  • No wishlist feature. I LOVE a lot of their pieces and wish they offered a wishlist feature on their blog so I could save my favorites to buy later.

Farm Rio Orange Gingham Tie Front Top

What I’m Wearing: Farm Rio Orange Gingham Tie Front Top (thrifted) | Everlane A-Line Denim Shorts ($68) | The Sak Sandals and Liv Handbag | Wallaroo Catalina Hat ($51)

Farm Rio Unisex Mix Shirt (bananas and leaves)

Where to Buy Farm Rio?

Buy Farm Rio directly on their website or in-store.

I am also always trying to sell my Farm Rio. If you’re a size medium and interested in taking these pieces off my hands, please message me on Instagram. I’m always happy to send my clothes to a good home.

You may also be able to find great deals on Farm Rio at the following retailers:

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Farm Rio Review + Sizing Guide | Fun and Bright Clothing - Schimiggy (2024)


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