Melvor Idle Full Guide for Adventure Mode: How to idle dungeons (2024)

The only guide u need to pickup the game, and be ready to idle the volcanic dungeon in 7-14 days.

This guide is made with adventure mode in mind and will save as much money as possible on buying skills.

Level 1 to idling volcanic dungeon in 46 steps (Step 1-19)

In Adventure mode your combat level will be the limit for the normal skills and the cost to unlock skills will be more expensive the more skills u unlock. This guide will get u from level 1 all the way to the point where u can idle volcanic cave dungeon. It will do it with minimum amount of unlocks so u are free to spend money in whatever skill u please, instead of having them locked behind 100m costs.
It will also try doing it in minimum amount of time, mostly doing combat. If u are active u can have everything u need in just 7-14 days.
Lastly it will only kill monsters u need, hitting several goals at once.
With all that said let’s go to step 1 of the 46 needed.
Special note: This guide will contain massive spoilers about the game, the monsters and the droptabels.

Kill plants until level 10 att/str/def.
Remember to loot the potatoes.

Kill cows until level 20 attack.
And then level 15 str and def.
Save the bones and the leather.

Kill steel knights until u have full steel armor, steel sword and/or steel scimmy. If u only find one weapon that is ok too.
If u can’t find a steel platebody u can skip it.
If u run out of food go back to killing plants.

With one steel weapon and whatever armor u could find, kill plants again until u have 200 potato plants.

Kill cows until u have 100x leathers.
Take turns in buying green dragonhide and then selling them in the store. This will give 100gp profit for each leather u have.
Don’t sell the leathers without first turning them into green dragonhides or u will lose out on money.
After 100 kills u will have 10000gp, unlock slayer as your first skill.
Slayer gives u a new curency called slayer coins, which is rewarded everytime u kill a monster u are assigned too.
From now on save up until u have 5000 slayer coins and then buy basic resupply once. Keep the lobsters u get from this and bury the bones. Sell the runes, the bolts and the arrows.

Next alter your slayer task, u can change it for free to be on cows. Extend them for 100 points when u can.

Kill more cows until u have 25 att/str/def.
Trade leathers for green dragonhide like u did before and then sell the green dragonhide.
With 25000gp unlock prayer as your 2nd skill.

Bury all your bones but don’t use any prayers yet.

Keep changing that slayer task when they run out. You will do it like this for many monsters in the game.

Farm cows until u have level 30 att/str/def and atleast 1000 leathers.
By now u should not need to manually heal.

Don’t forget to get a new cow slayer task when they end.
If u get to 30 att/str/def before u have 1000 leathers, keep killing for the leathers until u do and put the extra xp in attack.

Unlock farming for 50k gp.
Unlock bankslots until u have 30 of them, this will cost 13500gp.

Switch your slayer task to junior farmer. Train your attack to 35 here. Plant the seeds u get for extra food and some herbs.
50% of the crops will die in the start and it will feel slow, but just keep planting.
Unlock more farming slots for gold when they become available. At the start u can unlock two more at once.
Don’t sell anything that drops.
Keep swicthing slayer task when they run out to always be on junior farmers. Don’t forget to extend the tasks. Save up 5000 slayer coins and buy the basic resupply previously covered in step 5.

When u have level 35 attack, switch back to cows and adjust slayer accordingly. Train at cows until level 40 attack.
Trade the leather for dragonhide and sell it off before u move on.

With 40 att 30 str and 30 def and atleast 200 food of different kind (100 lobsters and 100 potatoes) it’s time to get a new weapon.
Go to icy hills and fight ice monster until u get an ice sword, this has a 1/10 drop. The ice monster can hit high and often, be ready to use those lobsters.
Inbetween fights if u are quick, u can healup using the potatoes to save some lobsters.

14. Do not open chest of witwix until u finished reading this step!
Next make sure u have around 200 food again. Now u will kill leech for an amulet. Jump to wet forest and kill leech until u get a chest of witwix. Don’t forget to equip your new sword.
This may take upto 150 kills. Restock for food if needed. You can’t get it as a slayer task so don’t bother trying to get it. When u get the chest, don’t open it.
First go to the menu and “change account name” Set your account name to “witwix”. Open the chest. After this u can change your account name back if u want.
Try and get 40 att/str/def while killing the leech. Turn on the prayer “thick skin” and then turn it off once u get to level 7 prayer. Now turn on the prayer “clarity of thought” instead.
Leave this on till u found a chest or hit 0 prayer points. If u changed your name the amulet has 100% droprate.

After u get the chest, equip yourself with steel gear, amulet of calculated promotion (from witwix chest) and ice sword.
Alter your slayer task to kill mummys, in the slayer area called Penumbra.
You want to find one gold topaz ring and one gold emerald ring. Save those two, the seeds and the bones and sell everything else.
If u have good memory, equip the emerald ring everytime u do combat and swap to the topaz everytime u don’t.
If u are lazy just equip the topaz ring and leave it there.
Work towards 40 att/str/def.
With the topaz ring equipped u have a very small chance to find two ring halves which in turn crafts a very powerful ring.
One comes from combat and the other from non-combat.

See also: Melvor Idle Beginner's Guide: Tips and Basics

When u have the topaz ring and the emerald ring, change the slayer task to adult farmer. If u have level 12 or more farming, sell onion and cabbage seeds but keep everything else.
After u get level 12 farming u can safely sell the potato, onion and cabbage seeds.
Work towards 40 att, 40 str and 40 def. Save the compost u find for later. Kill about 100 adult farmers, then go back to killing cows.

Before u can move on to step 17, u need 210k gp aswell as 40 att/str/def.
If u reach 210k gp before u have 40 att/str/def u can move on to the next step.

Unlock agility for 200k gp. When u need to take a break, work or sleep you can train agility offline.
In agility u have to build obstacels for a high price that u later train on. It’s recommended to work towards buying the first 4 only for now.

The four u will buy are:
1. Rope swing, level 1
2. Balance beam, level 10
3. Pipe climb, level 20
4. Gap jump, level 30

You can also start working towards:
5. Mountain climb, level 40
6. Lake swim, level 50
But those two cost alot and will be saved for later.

Change your slayer task to Goo monster (not green goo monster), u need to kill about 1700 of these. Do farming and switch to agility when u take breaks.
Buy a basic resupply for 5000 slayer coins when u have enough. Save the lobsters, this time – sell the bones, and then sell bolts, arrows and runes as u usually do.
Save 300 iron bars, u can sell the bronze bars and the daggers.
Work towards 50 att, 50 str, 50 def. Remember to get a new slayer task when they run out.
After you have the iron bars, train agility to level 20 and then buy the second, balance beam and third obstacle, pipe climb.
If u are short on money u can do cow slayer and buy another basic resupply and sell the bones once more.
After u have enough money start saving towards 25k slayer coins.

Alter your slayer task again to steel knights. Farm these for any steel armor piece u are missing.
When u have steel helm, shield, chest, legs and boots change your slayer task to mithril knights instead.
You do not need the mithril weapons.
The chest and legs are very rare, skip them if it takes to long. Work towards 50 att, 50 str, 50 def.
Buy 5 more bankslots for 18k gp.

Level 1 to idling volcanic dungeon in 46 steps (Step 20-34)

Goals to have before u proceed. 40+ att, 40+ str, 40+ def. Full armor with either full mithril or a mix of mithril and steel. Ice sword, amulet of calculated promotion. Atleast level 20
agility with the first 3 obstacels bought. Atleast 200 lobsters. Gold topaz and gold emerald ring. Cape, gloves and ammo slots still empty, but rest are filled.

Bury all bones that u have.
Alter your slayer task to master farmer. You need to find one bob’s rake here. This will likely be your best money maker atm.
Restock on food if needed and keep farming crops, kill these inbetween. Work towards 50 att then 50 str then 50 def. After u have that work towards level 60 attack.
Keep all compost u find, along with one Bob’s rake, also keep – 100 sourweed seeds, 100 sweetcorn seed, 100 strawberry seed, all watermelon seed, all snapegrass, 20 oak and 20 willow seeds and then sell everything else.
Turn on the prayer “Clarity of thought” when fighting these. Drain all your prayer points.
Bob’s rake lets u save compost and is a real money saver when it comes to farming.

On average a kill is worth about 950gp. Save up until u have 2m gp and 1000 bones.
You can do this in two ways, if u feel like killing more of them and staying online unlock autoeat – tier 1 for 1m as the first thing u buy.
If u are about to head offline for 8+ hours, it’s better to spend the first 750k u gain on agility.
The two options are detailed below under 21.1 and 21.2.
Spend your last 250k on unlocking thieving.
You can expect 130-140 kills per hour here, resulting in 128k gp/h. Also don’t forget to refresh slayer tasks, save the slayer coins until u have 25k of them. Buy the desert hat for 25k when u have it.
Start saving towards 50k slayer coins.
Don’t forget to do farming every now and then and agility when u go on breaks.

If u choose auto eat first:
Now u need to get 50 att, 50 str and 50 def, 50 slayer aswell as 1m gp. Put any extra xp towards getting 60 att. Do a combination of master farmers and agility until u have enough. Keep killing farmers until u find one bob’s rake.
When u have 1m gp unlock autoeat tier 1.
From now on always apply 5 compost to everything u grow with farming. Remember to have bob’s rake equiped when u harvest them.
If u have enough money before u reach 50 slayer, u can switch your slayer task to statues instead. These award much more slayer xp. Save the silver and gold bars, sell the coal ore.

If u choose agility first:
Level up agility to 30 and buy the 4th obstacle, gap jump for 250k. Then level up agility to 40 and buy the 5th obstacle, mountain climb for 500k and 1000 bones.
At 40 agility u will make close to 100k/h doing it, even offline. If u been lucky and found the pet this improves to 115k/h.

Unlock thieving for 250k as your fifth skill.

Do u have 50+ att, 50 str, 50 def, 50 slayer, 40 agility (with the first five obstacles bought), unlocked auto eat, unlocked thieving, Bob’s rake, desert hat (or 25k slayer coins)? If yes move on to step 23.

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Equip the desert hat and jump to arid plains. Make sure u have 200 food. Kill turkul riders until u find rune boots, switch to turkul archers and kill them until u find rune gloves. If u find sand threaders aswell, keep them.
You can sell all the other drops.
Both the rune drops are common so it should go fast. The sand threaders are rarer and if u didn’t find it we will come back later and get it.
If u are short on food u can buy another basic resupply for 5k slayer coins. Bury bones, keep food and sell runes, arrows and bolts.

Make sure u have 200 food then jump to fighting thieves in runic ruins. You need to find gloves of silence which is 1 in 300 drop.
Sell all the throwing knives it drops. Work towards 60 attack, 55 str, 55 def.
Depending on your hitpoints level u might be able to idle those, but most likely not, be ready to healup.

Equip gloves of silence. Make sure u have 200 food.
Work towards 30 thieving, this will take a while but can be done afk aslong as u are online.
While thieving anything u may come across a head slot item called chapeau noir. This is very good as it boosts the drops in thieving and combat.
When u find it u can equip it most of the time u fight normal monsters. Or when u are training thieving.
Make sure u have level 30 thieving before moving on.

Train thieving by pickpocketing farmers until u find chapeau noir (This may take along time, but the money u make meanwhile is great). If u already have it u can skip this step.
Pickpocketing farmers will award u with carrot seeds. This is the best food u can get from farming.
With gloves of silence, farmers are very good money, ranging from 100k per hour when u start, upto 200k per hour by level 40.
At level 51 thieving u can pickpocket farmers offline, increasing the gp/h to 400k.

Farm gold with thieving, agility or master farmers until u have 5m gp and unlock autoeat – tier 2.

Do chicken coop and undead graveyard dungeons to unlock both their pets. It’s a small boost that u might aswell get at this point. Equip the chapeau noir for a chance at 2x reward chests.
You can find addy chest and shield here if u want to mix it with the addy knights. Work towards 70 att, 70 str, 70 def. This is fully afk aslong as u are online but could take several hours.
The pets are found as a popup when the dungeon finishes and are not found inside the chests.
Save Elite amulet of defence and Bone necklace if u find them, aswell as the addy chest and shield. You can sell everything else.

29. It’s time to get full addy armor. This is easier to get then the previous armors. Jump to addy knights and kill them till u have helm, shield, chest and legs. If u killed turkul riders before u don’t need the addy boots.
If u farmed undead graveyard dungeon u should have addy chest and shield already, which means u only need helm and legs.
There is a rare cape dropping from addy knights, but don’t farm for it. If u get it while farming the armor tho u might aswell equip it. Work towards 70 att, 70 str, 70 def.

Go back to Arid plains and farm turkul riders until u find sand threaders. If u found one before u can skip this step.

You can do the spider dungeon to find amulet of looting now. This will allow u to autoloot. Make sure u have 200 food.
The dropchance is 1/22. Eqip chapeau noir to increase chance of getting 2x chests.
You can sell all the other drops u get here.

Next u need to farm 3750 gold bars and 4500 silver bars. And for this u need to kill statues. Equip amulet of looting, chapeau noir, gloves of silence and sand threaders.
Leave the computer on when u sleep or work for one day, it’s that slow.
Statues can be killed in penumbra and they can be gotten as slayer task. Work towards 70 att, 70 str, 70 def.
Then if u get more combat xp dump it all in attack. You can sell all the coal ore u find. You need to have 50k slayer coins after this step, so try to change the slayer task accordingly.
Bury the bones u find and get level 50 prayer.

Get level 50 agility and buy lake swim at level 50. This will cost 1m gp and 50k slayer coins aswell as 2500 of the silver bars.
After u spent the 50k slayer coins on agility, start saving up another 50k.

Your goal now is to get level 60 slayer and 50k slayer coins. Aswell as working towards 70 att, 70 str, 70 def. Put extra xp into attack and work towards 80 attack.
Alter your slayer task to giant crabs, keep refreshing when they run out.
Buy 15 more bankslots, giving u a total of 50 for 210k when u have the money.
You can keep amulet of fishing if u find one and sell everything else.

Level 1 to idling volcanic dungeon in 46 steps (Step 35-46)

With 60 slayer and 50k slayer coins buy magical ring. Jump to high lands and start killing griffins. These drop dragonclaw fragments every now and then. Farm 100 of these. Upgrade the 100 fragments into dragonclaw, a new weapon.
Put xp in 70 att, 70 str, 70 def and then work on getting level 80 attack.
Make sure u have chapeau noir equiped while killing these for a chance at 2x fragments.
You can sell ice sword after u made the dragon claw.

Equip the golden topaz ring aswell as your normal gear and jump to Penumbra. You will be killing fierce devils until u find an amulet of torture. The ring half (b) seems to be a decently common drop from these too.
If u don’t find the ring half by the time u found amulet of torture u can move on.
Work towards 80 att, str, def.

Jump to castle of kings and kill rune knights for rune helm, chest, shield and legs. You should have boots already, but if u don’t, kill for these too. Save the amulet of glories u find (all of them).
You can sell all duplicates and the rune weapons.
Work towards 80 att, str, def.

See also: Melvor Idle Beginner's Guide: Tips and Basics

Upgrade your 5 rune pieces to rune (g) this will cost the gold and silver bars u farmed back at statues. The rune gloves u farmed before can not be upgraded.
If u have any silver or gold bars left, u can sell them.

Go to holy isles and start killing paladins. You need 1x paladin gloves before u leave.
Work towards 80 att, 80 str, 80 def.

Farm undead graveyard dungeon until u find elite amulet of defence. If u found one before u can skip this step. Don’t forget to equip chapeau noir.
Work towards 80 att, 80 str, 80 def.

If u have 5000 food of any kind u can now do one volcanic cave dungeon to unlock fire cape. Autoeat should take care of the 6 first bosses. For bosses 7 and 8 it’s recommended to spam click eat as they can easily kill u.
Equip yourself with the full rune, paladin gloves and elite amulet of defence. Use the prayer protect item on the last 2 bosses.

Equip rune chest, legs, shield and gloves. Equip amulet of torture, sand threaders, chapeau noir and magical ring. Go back to highlands and start killing pegasus.
You need 100 ancient fragments this time and these are more rare. This will likely take a long time. When u have them, equip your new ancient claw weapon.
Work towards 80 att, str, def. Don’t sell the dragon claw weapon.

Equip desert hat and go to Arid plains. You will be killing sandbeast until u find 1x sandstorm ring.
The sandbeast is a real food drainer, make sure u have atleast 2000-4000.
Work towards 80 att, str, def.

Make sure u have the following gear:
Rune helm, chest, legs, shield and boots all upgrdaded to rune (g). Dragon claw. Ancient claw. Elite amulet of defence. Paladin gloves. Sandstrom ring. Fire cape. Amulet of torture. Rune gloves. Chapeau noir.
Gloves of silence. Amulet of looting. Sand threaders. Gold topaz and gold emerald ring. Bob’s rake. Desert hat and magical ring. If u do move on, if u don’t check back a few steps to find out which part u are missing.

Now u need to farm 20m gp to buy autoeat tier 3.
If u been lucky so far and found thieving pet or agility pet those increase gold gains for the skills.
If u have been very lucky and found ring half (a) or ring half (b), or mby even both this complete ring doubles the gp gain in both thieiving and agility.
Your best bet towards finding the ring half (a) is pickpocketing knights. And your best bet towards ring half (b) is fierce devils. Remember to have gold topaz ring equiped.
If u find spare amulet of tortures at the fierce devils, save them in bank. If u find any spare ring halves u can sell them for big profit.
With or without the complete ring, when u have 20m gp u can move on.

Buy autoeat tier 3.
Equip yourself with rune helm, chest, legs, boots and shield, all upgraded to (g). Equip firecape, sandstorm ring, elite amulet of defence, ancient claw and paladin gloves.
Make sure u have level 50 agility and that u bought lake swim.
The following setup will give u 25% + 2% + 0% + 2% + 0% + 4% + 1% = 34% Damage reduction, or 35% if u been lucky and found the defence pet, but this guide will assume u didn’t.
Next u need 860 hitpoints. It’s recommended to do spider forest dungeon until u get the pet there. After that u can do whatever combat u feel like.

When u have 860 hitpoints, autoeat tier 3 and the listed gear u can safely idle volcanic cave.
Doing this will give u around 55k gp per cleared dungeon, aswell as unlocking ancient armor needed to progress further in the game.

Money making through this guide:

Doing Combat:
45k per hour. Killing cows with steel weapon, doesn’t work offline. 25 att/str/def.
128k per hour. Killing master farmers with ice sword, doesn’t work offline, needs 45 att/str/def.
xxxk per hour. Killing master farmers with ancient claw, chapeau noir, sand threaders, gloves of silence and Aorpheat’s Signet Ring, doesn’t work offline, needs 70 att/str/def. (Needs more testing)
The 3 above can be afked after u have autoeat – 1 and amulet of looting aslong as u are online.

Doing Agility:
8k per hour. Works offline, needs level 1 agility and first obstacle built.
30k per hour. Works offline, needs level 20 agility and first three obstacels built.
95k per hour. Works offline, needs level 40 agility and first five obstacels built.
250k per hour. Works offline, needs level 50 agility and first six obstacels built. Also needs agility pet and Aorpheat’s Signet Ring.

Doing Thieving:
50k per hour. Pickpocketing man. Doesn’t work offline to start but will after u train it more. Needs gloves of silence. Needs level 1 thieving.
200k per hour. Pickpocketing farmer. Doesn’t work offline to start but will after u train it more. Needs gloves of silence. Needs level 40 thieving.
400k per hour. Pickpocketing farmer. Works offline. Needs gloves of silence. Needs level 51 thieving.
xxk per hour. Pickpocketing knight. Doesn’t work offline to start and will need 95+ thieiving before it does. Needs gloves of silence and chapeau noir. Needs level 75 thieving. (Needs more testing)
xxk per hour. Pickpocketing farmer. Works offline. Needs gloves of silence, thieving pet and chapeau noir. Needs level 70 theiving. (Needs more testing)
xxk per hour. Pickpocketing farmer. Works offline. Needs gloves of silence, thieving pet, chapeau noir and Aorpheat’s Signet Ring. Needs level 70 thieving. (Needs more testing)

This guide does not use popular money making methods such as gem mining or fishing. It will make it’s money from killing master farmers, agility and thieving instead.
If u rather do stuff in a different way then feel free to do so, this is only a guide afterall.

Melvor Idle Full Guide for Adventure Mode: How to idle dungeons (2024)


How long does it take to beat Melvor idle? ›

Melvor Idle is not a game to finish quickly, or even a game that can be finished quickly. Some players have sunk thousands of hours into idly progressing through every inch of its content, and you're best to start with the expectation that it could be months before you finish.

What is adventure mode melvor idle? ›

Adventure mode is a Game Mode in which players start with only a few skills and must work to unlock others. It includes the following changes: Skills are locked and must be purchased using GP to access. Start with only Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints unlocked along with 10 Shrimp and a Bronze Sword.

What to do after volcanic cave melvor? ›

After you clear the Volcanic Cave 100 times you gain access to Ancient Magicks which are a more powerful form of magic. When you have a Ancient Magicks spell equipped, there are no curses available, but you can still use Auroras.

What is the fastest way to make money in Melvor Idle? ›

Fish for Raw Whales if using the Octopus + Pig Summoning synergy, or Magic Fish if not. Each piece of equipment will give a substantial boost to profit per hour. Sell all the items listed above to the shop for profit.

When to start combat Melvor Idle? ›

You don't have to worry about combat really until volcanic cave or god dungeons. Ideally you're making sure you have enough DR to survive idle. Make sure you're gilding your melee armour with silver and gold. Fishing to level 80 for raw magic fish and raw skeleton fish is the only real requirement to do combat.

What is the level cap in Melvor? ›

For example, the experience between 7 and 8 is 138 and the experience between 14 and 15 is 274, which is roughly double. The base game has a maximum skill and Mastery level of 99, with the Throne of the Herald Expansion the skill level maximum is increased to 120.

How do you unlock chaos dungeons? ›

Chaos Dungeons unlock after you complete the main storyline, completing Ealyn's Request questline, and after you reach level 50. If you're not at that level yet, pick up some late-game side quests or grind a few dungeons to get some additional XP.

What can't you do in adventure mode? ›

Unlike in the other regular game modes, players cannot simply destroy any block they wish using whatever tool they have on-hand. In adventure mode, players will need the right tool to break most blocks. Other blocks can't be broken at all.

Does adventure mode have mobs? ›

However, players are able to make use of the environment in other ways - including interacting with mobs and other entities (for example, killing them), turning a redstone mechanism (such as a lever) on or off, and trading with villagers.

How do you use adventure mode? ›

One can set their game mode to adventure when opening a world to LAN, or in-game by using the command: /gamemode adventure @p .

What to do after completing volcano dungeon? ›

After the player completes the dungeon, a parrot offers to build a permanent bridge in exchange for 5 Golden Walnuts.

How to get dragon claw melvor idle? ›

Level 60 to wield. It can be acquired by combining 100 Dragon Claw Fragments that are dropped by Griffins.

How to get ancient claw melvor? ›

The Ancient Claw is assembled from the fragments that drop only from Pegasus. On average, 3,333 Pegasi kills are required in order to obtain enough fragments.

What is the chance to hit in Melvor? ›

Chance to Hit

The higher the attacker's Accuracy Rating is above the targets Evasion Rating, the less valuable each point will be. At double the target's Evasion Rating, the attacker will hit 75% of the time, at triple, the attacker will hit 83.3% of the time.

How long did it take you to finish Returnal? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Returnal is about 19 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 60½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How hard is Into the Mist Melvor? ›

Into the Mist is the penultimate Dungeon in Melvor Idle. It differs from other dungeons in several respects, and presents a serious challenge even to players with max stats and optimal gear.


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