RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (2024)

RimWorld provides a lot of flexibility for players to create their ideal colony. The game allows gamers to play the game their way and create a settlement that resonates with them. While most players may prefer to stick to one method of playing the game, others love to test new waters and create an epic tale.

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Players frequently seek to create a new role-play idea for their new colonies that ends with a memorable and hilarious run. With how versatile the mechanics of RimWorld are, it is no wonder that players can create countless fun role-play ideas that keep the game fresh and exciting. Most role play revolves around advanced base-building methods and colonist behavior.

6 Mole Dwarfs

RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (1)

With the Ideology DLC, players have gained two memes that allow a colony that prefers to live inside a dark cave. The Darkness and Tunneler memes make it possible to create mole dwarfs that prefer to live in caves and avoid sunlight. Keeping the entire base indoors and only leaving at night will be a noticeable change compared to the average RimWorld experience.

Be sure to select a mountainous terrain as a Tunneler colony will require lots of cave room to grow. The ability to develop indoor colonists that avoid light will give players a significant defense advantage. Enemies attacking a colony will have one point of entry into the colony's dark domain.

5 Drug Empire

RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (2)

The primary objective for the majority of players will be to focus on research and food, but this can change. Creating a drug empire that intends to progress through its drug money is a different approach to the game. Medicine and other high-tech items are easily purchased from traders, keeping the focus on creating Yayo or other substances. Players must familiarize themselves with the basics of trading as it will be the only source of income and quality items.

There are two styles of a drug empire, one where drugs are kept locked away and another where their use is encouraged. Having a colony shun drug use will lead to a stable environment where the focus is centered on selling substances. Encouraging colonists to consume drugs will lead to a colony with advantages and disadvantages. Drugs enhance combat ability and stave off sleep, but dealing with high tolerance could lead a colonist to overdose.

4 Slavers

RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (3)

RimWorld slavery was once limited to selling prisoners for profit, but ideology has added plenty of new functionality. Players can use slaves as their driving force and be the equivalent of a Sci-Fi Roman Empire. Slaves are a great way to manage crops, freeing valuable colonists for other actions. Prisoner management will not be a walk in the park, and players must be proactive to prevent a rebellion. Building several terror objects will keep colony slaves from rebelling.

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Players can undertake drastic options to reduce rebellions by giving slaves prosthetic legs. To sell the idea of a slave colony, use dark decor to match the grim atmosphere.

3 Cave People

RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (4)

Humans have spent thousands of years living in caves and using primitive technology to survive. This role-play scenario will put a player's RimWorld expertise to the test because they are only permitted to construct stone houses and are not permitted to use any electricity. Create a campfire and use it to prepare meals and keep colonists warm. Beds are also not allowed as they are made of wood.

Using spears and numbers to take down prey will be normal day-to-day activity as every day is a challenge. Players are allowed to farm but remember that freezer rooms are prohibited. Players will need to grow herbal medicine as using normal medicine will break role play.

Playing this role-play challenge on a higher difficulty will increase player immersion as daily survival will be far more challenging. Defending against raiders using primitive tools will be a memorable challenge that will keep players on their toes.

2 Vegan Colony

RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (5)

Using the Animal Personhood meme, players will be able to create a vegan colony that abhors eating meat and will prohibit slaughtering animals. Colonists will form strong bonds with animals as they protect them as one of their own. Players will manage their base for both colonists and animals, as they are both equal.

Spread ideology onto prisoners to promote the vegan lifestyle and animal connection values. Players will have to rely on more farms as their primary food source and to help take care of their animals. The animal specialist role will be unlocked and allows players to calm maddened animals.

1 Monarch

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This role-play idea involves picking a colonist to be a monarch and pampering them as much as possible. As for the rest of the colonists, their life goal is dedicated to providing the monarch with a life of luxury and goods. Create a palace just for them and limit the other colonists to wooden shacks. Provide only luxury meals to the monarch and only supply them with the finest goods, such as a royal bed and jewels.

Managing the needs of the monarch is the number one priority. Keep guards stationed outside the palace at all times to ensure the safety of the monarch; if they die, the run is over.

RimWorld is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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RimWorld: 6 Fun Colony Roleplay Ideas (2024)


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