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This article relates to content added by Biotech (DLC). Please note that it will not be present without the DLC enabled.

Xenotypes, also known as xenohumans, refer to the various subspecies of human. They have a different set of genes, whether by adaptation or gene editing. There are 11 xenotypes found in each world by default, but you can add your own types during colonist selection or in-game genetic modification. All xenotypes drop human meat and human leather, no matter how foreign they may be.


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List of xenotypes[edit]

XenotypeDescriptionGene type
A naturally-evolved human with no major significant genetic modifications.N/A±00
A genetic mix of 2 established xenotypes. Note that not all xenotypes are passed down from birth; a Highmate and Genie couple would only produce Baseliners, for instance.VariesVaries
Dirtmoles are extremely capable at digging or mining tasks, but suffer from a sensitivity to light, and have poor eyesight at distance.+19
Designed to be engineers, genies are calm and great at crafting and intellect, but are fragile and otherwise socially inept.+111
Designed to be perfect mates, highmates can psychically bond with whoever they first romance, for strong buffs. Happy, but incapable of violence.±016
Designed as soldiers, hussars are great at combat and not much else. They are dependent on go-juice, but immune to any of its negative side effects.+216
Fast runners that can spew fire, impids are depressive and struggle with farming and melee combat.±011
Ancient humans that are slow to move and slow to learn, but are incredibly tanky.+212
Ungulate-like humans that can eat raw food efficiently and are resistant to disease, but have clunky trotter hands and are nearsighted.−116
Vampires. They don't age, are nearly deathless, and have multiple special abilities. In exchange, they have a need for blood and catatonic deathrest, and suffer in the light.±057
Bioweapons that can thrive in toxic buildup, survive disease, and can ingest wake-up freely, but have a need for some form of psychite.±013
Fur-skinned humans that are well adapted to the cold, and have an animal warcall. Prefer to be nude.−113


For full list of genes, see Genes.

Fully custom xenotypes can be created in the colonist selection screen. Any amount of genes can be added, so long as metabolic efficiency is at least -5, and if genes don't conflict.

There are 2 options available in this screen:

  • Ignore restrictions: If checked on, this gives access to the Archite genes, and enables conflicting gene combinations (such as Slow Runner and Fast Runner).
  • Genes are heritable: If checked on, then these genes will be passed on to the xenotype's children.

Player created xenotypes will appear throughout the game if a starting colonist is of that xenotype, or if an ideoligion refers to that xenotype.

Ingame creation[edit]

Main article: Genetics

Xenotypes can be created during a game within a gene assembler, and delievered via a xenogerm. You are limited by the genepacks you found or have extracted. The complexity of your xenotype is also limited by the gene processors you have available.

All xenotypes from a xenogerm are considered xenogenes, not germline genes, so they will not be passed onto offspring. The xenogerm item is easily replicable, however, once you have all the infastructure set up.

Xenotype Save file locations[edit]

Windows version[edit]

The Save files are stored in users AppData folders:%USERPROFILE%\Appdata\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Xenotypes


  1. Windows+R -> the Run dialog will appear.
  2. Type appdata and press enter.
  3. Go to LocalLow/Ludeon Studios.

Linux version[edit]

The Save files are stored in: ~/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld by Ludeon Studios/Xenotypes/

macOS version[edit]

Your Rimworld settings folder is ~/Library/Application Support/RimWorld

To see your save games with Finder, open a new shell and enter:

open "~/Library/Application Support/RimWorld/Xenotypes/"(may also be in cache)


  • An unused icon called 'grunter.png' can be found in the game files. It's located in the same folder as the icons for the other xenotypes.

Biotech (DLC)

Relationships (ReproductionChildren)
Life stages (BabiesChildrenAdults)
Furniture (CribBaby sleeping spotGrowth vatToy boxBaby decorationSchool deskBlackboard)
Laborers (AgrihandCleansweeperConstructoidFabricorLifterParamedicTunneler)
Combatants (CenturionLegionaryMilitorScorcherTesseron)
Commanders (ApocritonDiabolusWar queenWar urchin)
Control (MechlinkBand nodeMech boostersMech signallersControl packAirwire headset)
Mechanoid creation (Basic subcoreStandard subcoreHigh subcoreSubcore encoderSubcore softscannerSubcore ripscannerMech gestator)
Maintenance (Mech recharger)
Xenohumans (DirtmolesGeniesHighmatesHussarsImpidsNeanderthalsPigskinsSanguophagesWastersYttakin)
Genes GermlineXenogeneMetabolic efficiency
Genetic Modification GenepackGene extractorGene bankGene assemblerGene processorXenogermArchite capsules
Deathrest (Deathrest acceleratorDeathrest capacity serumDeathrest casketGlucosoid pumpHemogen amplifierHemopumpPsychofluid pump)
Nature (ToxalopeToxipotato plantWaste ratGray pine treePebble cactusRat palm treeWitchwood treeStasis cocoon)
Mitigation (WastepacksAtomizersPollution pumpsPolux trees)
Adaptation Face maskGas maskTox grenadesTox packTox shellToxic needle gunToxbomb launcherDetoxifier kidneyDetoxifier lung
Nonchalance Toxifier generator

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